Target Digital

 Ryan Mcgowen – Director of Digital Sales

Ryan McGowan is a driven and passionate sales and marketing professional with a goal of solving customer challenges with speed and 100% client satisfaction. She has successfully pioneered and delivered sales efforts for the top tech vendors in the world. She holds certification in counseling the chemically dependent, as well as customer service. In 2017 Ryan received her Master’s certification in Digital Marketing from the only institution recognized by the American Marketing Association.

The foundation for her expertise was earned on the sales front line at management consulting giant Accenture, where she developed and deployed their current origination team and cadence. This opportunity provided hands on experience that can’t be gained just anywhere. Ryan had the opportunity to grow and learn while selling with some of the industries greatest. She brings with her many client successes in every geo and several industries i.e. communications media and technology, consumer goods and products, financial services, and health and public sector, as well as the experience of aiding in the development and deployment of complex strategy deals, entire marketing roadmaps, and various facets of marketing, digital marketing, sales and sales management.

Ryan’s career thus far has run the span of sales aspects from telesales to sales management. She enjoys learning new skills and sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. Ryan believes in an open communicative sales environment where collaboration learning and excellence have an opportunity to grow. All of this is driven by her hunger to be better than she was yesterday and a desire to see others excel the same. She approaches life like a sponge soaking up what she can and leaving the excess helping to aide in her journey for growth and excellence. Ryan also strives to positively affect the world around her both in her work life and at home, she developed a curriculum to teach at risk teen girls consequences for choices and has paired with both the D.A.R.E program(AZ) and Mingus Mountain Girls Home(AZ) to deliver insight to our younger generations.

When she’s not trying to save the world a sales and marketing deal at a time or mentor AZ youth she tries to keep up with her energetic 10 year old. As they take on football, guinea pigs, and 5th grade.


                                           Marcus Wiesner – Target Digital Sales Rep                        

As a professional, Marcus Wiesner is committed to helping his clients discover a way to increase their market share and revenue, and give them the freedom to pursue their goals without facing the same competitive challenges that most businesses face.

His personal motto is “There is no competition at the top,” whatever your own personal vision of the “top” may be. It is his mission and purpose to help you discover how to utilize principles of successful marketing to help you achieve your vision of excellence and eliminate the challenges standing in your way.

He has worked for some big names in a number of industries to gain the experience and skill that he brings to the table, including Mercedes Benz of Denver (Automotive), Dell/EMC (Technology), and many other small and medium local businesses which will always have a special place in his heart.

“When Marcus and the team worked together to change the style of our communications and our selling systems, he was able to consistently produce a closing rate… which was double the previous amount (with the same leads). I would highly recommend Marcus’ work and will be happy to rave about him to others. He is simply the best.”

– Adil Elomri, former General Manager at Mercedes Benz of Denver

While all of this may be true and might sound like it is supposed to be very impressive, at the end of the day Marcus is a real down-to-earth person. He’s recently married, owns an energetic black lab named “Maggie”, and plays jazz guitar in his free time. He’s also careful not to be too serious.