MC&C Technician position for Dominion Energy- Job located in Epping, North Dakota

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This role installs, maintains, calibrate sand repair gas quality analytical instruments as well as monitors and analyze gas quality of gas quality for energy content and components system wide, and differentiate between natural gas, swamp gas and petroleum.  Specific responsibilities include:

• Installs, repairs, tests, maintains and calibrates gas quality measurement equipment.

• Analyzes gas for energy content and various components.

• Responds to inquiries from internal and external customers.

• Performs gas hydrocarbon and water dewpoint testing.

• Performs sulfur sampling and analysis.

• Analyzes gas leak samples and determines its source.

• Assists with maintenance, installation, calibration and repair of regulating and measurement equipment.

• Maintains accurate gas quality records and files.

• Trains less experienced technicians.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience

•Must have a minimum of three years experience at the MC&C Technician I level or equivalent experience (oil field, gas field, measurement, etc) and/or education.

•Knowledge of the operation and maintenance of gas chromatograph and other gas quality testing equipment.

•Basic knowledge of chemistry and electronics.

•Knowledge of electricity including Ohms Law and use of a multimeter.

•Knowledge of Dominion Energy Gas distribution system.

•Knowledge of company emergency plan and safety policies.

•Knowledge of and ability to use a personal computer and related software that meet department needs.

•Knowledge of basic math to add, subtract, multiply and divide and to perform the four operations with decimals and fractions.

•Skill in the use of hand tools.

•Ability to interact with others, communicate clear instructions and evaluate results.

•Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

•Ability to understand and complete written and oral instructions.

•Ability to lift 70 pounds.

•Ability to see objects at close range and to determine the distance and relationship between objects.

•Ability to smell to detect odors related to natural gas.

•Ability to respond to internal and external inquiries in person, e-mail or by telephone.

•Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.

Peggy F. Claiborne

Senior Staffing Specialist

Dominion Energy, Inc.

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