Wyoming to Host the 2018 Vortex Extreme Shooting Competition

Press Release –Governor Matt Mead is pleased to announce the State of Wyoming and the Wyoming State Fair will be hosts of the 2018 Vortex Extreme – a hunting inspired, team based shooting competition “where endurance and accuracy meet”.  Vortex Optics, Strategic Match Designs and The Wyoming Department of Agriculture have collaborated to bring this event […]

Cam-Plex 2018-2019 Season Logo Design Winner

Press Release – Each school year CAM-PLEX asks Campbell County teachers to allow their students to participate in a logo design contest. The logo is used to promote CAM-PLEX Heritage Center Theater’s upcoming show season. Participants include high school, junior high, and 5th through 6th grade elementary students. CAM-PLEX rotates through each grade level yearly. […]