On Air

Vic Wright – Operations Manager/1270AM 106.7FM KIML

Vic Wright is the morning show personality for KIML. He came to Gillette in 2010 as the morning personality for 97.3 KAML-FM before moving to The KIML in February of 2017. He helps call Gillette College Pronghorn basketball and high schools sports, as well. A native of the D.C. area, he started his radio career in 2004 in the Fredericksburg, VA and Orange, VA markets. He headed to the plains of Great Bend, KS, before landing in Gillette.

Dr. Scott Aber  – 100.7 Fox Country

I have been in radio for over three decades. I was losing my hair by age 25; I think I’ve lost a hair for every song I’ve played on the air!  Being on the air is my first love, as far as a career.  I received my Master’s degree in Psychology from Troy University in Ft. Walton Beach in 2001 and I still have a private counseling practice and I love helping people heal and get free!  I like to say “I see clients in between radio shows.”

During my radio career I have had the opportunity to live in several parts of this wonderful country.  I really love living in the West!  I started my radio career in my senior year of high school.  I would have paid them to let me on the air.  I have gotten over that notion, however!

I have been nominated by the Country Music Association as Personality of the Year multiple times in my career and it is an honor to be just to be nominated!  But winning would still be nice! I was also the Colorado Country Broadcaster of the Year.

I grew up in Wisconsin so I am a dyed-in-the-wool Cheesehead.  Love my Packers through thick and thin.  I am also a Pronghorn fan!

I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of Country artists over the years.  The nicest was definitely Garth Brooks!  He was very down to earth. So, I love going to concerts wherever.  Redrocks is definitely my favorite place to see a concert.

I am a movie buff and still love seeing a movie on the big screen with the over-priced popcorn.  A movie I never grow tired of seeing is “Tombstone.”  Val Kilmer should have won an Oscar for that movie!

I have a spoiled Sheltie named Zoe and she has my heart.  And she knows it!  I’ve always been a dog person and unfortunatly I’m allergic to cats.  And Werewolves.

I am so honored to be a part of Fox Country!  It’s an amazing radio station and it’s so much fun.  Thanks for listening.

PS:  My birthday is December 8, so plan accordingly.

   Shelly Knight – 101.5 The Drive

Shelly grew up in the snowy tundra of North Dafrozenkota. Although when you’re a kid you don’t care about winter…..you love the snow, plus Shelly’s parents often had garage parties to help get through the winter. There you could find little Shelly dancing to Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Sabbath and Supertramp. It wasn’t until she had been in radio in the Fargo area for close to 20 years before she thought, ‘Hey…..I could go live somewhere warmer if I want!’ But instead she moved out to Billings, MT for a couple years. She then popped over to the Peoria, Illinois area for a while. Although she has worked radio in many formats she is thrilled to be playing the classic rock songs that she loves here on 101.5 The Drive weekdays from 6-10am. And please let me know what songs you love so I can play them for you during the All Request Lunch Box weekdays from 12-1pm.

 Prince Mayne – 93.3 The Legend

Prince came to KLED, The Legend to take the reins of the Morning Show in the Summer of 2012, along with his sidekicks, Fancy & Mariah.  Prince enjoys horses, camping, computers, trail riding and the challenge of golf! (When he’s not enjoying his true love, entertaining you on the radio)!

As a native of San Francisco California, Prince started in radio in 1982 after serving his country in the US Navy, then working as a stablehand, horse-groom and as a trail-guide around the Chicago suburbs.  He has since done quite of circuit with radio gigs in Rockford IL, Salinas/Monterey CA, Denton/Dallas TX, WCCQ Joliet/Chicago IL, KZ-100 Columbus/Lincoln NE and most recently Westwood One Radio Networks in Denver CO.

Prince hitched up with Fancy, a cute blue roan appaloosa mare back in 1994 and has trained her to ride. Hmm, who’s training whom?  He also recently found a pretty Chestnut Morgan, “Mariah”. After all, Fancy needs a stablemate!  (They’ll go anywhere for a carrot!). Prince digs the Great Outdoors and spends most of his free time running his boarding stable, playing with his horses or doing chores around the ranch. He loves to BS and is an official member of Manure Movers of America!

Check out the Morning Show on KLED (The Legend) weekdays mornings from 6 till 10, with Prince Mayne for Fun,  Legendary Classic Country and the Information You Need!