Sammi Thompson – Director of Sales

Sammi Thompson is the Director of Sales at Basin Radio Network. Sammi has been with the station since 2013 and has since been named Salesperson of the Year in 2015 and 2016 and received Legend Communications Company Wide Salesperson of the Year in 2016. She also graduated from Gillette Area Leadership Institute(GALI) in 2016 and is an active member of BNI as well.
In her time with Basin Radio Network, Sammi has been able to visit St. Jude Children’s Hospital in 2014 and again in 2018 which is one of the causes that she and Basin Radio Network work on yearly to support. Sammi’s favorite time of year is Christmas and if you are ever in need of some extra “Christmas cheer” stop by her office, starting in early November and she will share it with you!





 Denise Lee – Senior Account Executive

Denise has been in the marketing and advertising field for over 16 years, with a first love of radio and a background in print. In her 13 plus years at Basin Radio Network and Legends Communications of Wyoming, she has had the opportunity to make many friends in clients and co-workers. In her position at the company, she has been blessed with the ability to help raise needed funds to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Denise’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. Camping, fishing and cooking is where you will find her when not in the office.  Denise makes amazing enchiladas, and is happy to share her recipe! Just ask!

   Malaree Holland-Hepper – Senior Account Executive

Malaree was born and raised right here in Gillette, she graduated from CCHS in 2011. She has gained sales experience from four years of working in shoe stores and as a result has far too many shoes for her new husband’s liking. After recently getting married, she and her husband bought a house. A cute 1950’s fixer upper which they are currently renovating with no help from their two pups, Archie & Hyde, who have already dug up the backyard.

Jessica Sims – Account Executive   

Jessica describes herself as a chronic explorer. She is the proud daughter of a United States Air Force Dad and was raised in a few different states. Jessica attended the Art Institute of Raleigh/Durham in North Carolina where she learned to apply and utilize her natural creativity. With her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design she joins the sales team and is excited to make the transition to radio. Loving to travel, Jessica’s idea of fun is taking a road trip and stopping at every landmark along the way. Her fiance is a native to Wyoming and they plan to put their roots down here in Gillette.






Dani Abbott – Account Executive

I was born and raised in different parts of Wyoming, but have lived in Gillette most of my life. I love to draw, sing and spend time with my children, Dyson & Kalli. I took online classes for Business Management through the University of Phoenix Arizona. I have been in customer service since I was 13 years old and being able to help customers get what they need is something I enjoy doing. I am excited to see how I can help business in Gillette through radio.





                                      DeAnna Nelson – Account Executive                 

DeAnna was born in Nevada but raised in Gillette. She graduated from CCHS in 2017. She has been in customer service for almost 4 years now. Starting with serving tables and slowly making her way to being a sale rep. DeAnna loves to spend her free time camping with her family and just enjoying life. She is beyond excited to help business through the power of radio

                                     Tiffany  Schnieder – Account Executive             

Tiffany was born in the big town of Newcastle, WY. Her family moved to Gillette when she was still very young, but spent many her early years living at Mule Creek Junction, where she first started in customer service.  When Tiffany wasn’t tending to the customers, she was off on adventures and wrecking dirt bikes.  Tiffany decided to spread her wings and move to Las Vegas, NV where she lived for 7 years entertaining travelers before returning back to Gillette, WY.  Tiffany is now on a mission to help people build and grow a profitable business.

When she’s not helping small business owners get better media coverage, Tiffany is a busy mom of two girls and three dogs. Tiffany enjoys hot days at lake and camping during the summer.  In the winter you can find her snuggled up next to the fireplace surrounded by her family.