Draymond Green has been touting the “New Media” over the last few months. With his podcast becoming bigger than ever, Green has become an advocate for other players looking to get into the media space. Green believes people like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are being phased out and that at the end of the day, fans want to hear from players and not journalists who never actually played the game.

Recently, Green took some especially big shots at Skip Bayless, saying that Bayless is only famous because he has attached himself to a black man. Of course, the man in question is none other than LeBron James. Green thinks Bayless truly is the “real media” as the “real media” has always disparaged those who actually put in the work. Needless to say, Green got a lot off of his chest.


“You come out talking about the new media, that you not the new media, you the real media. You are the real media, you right. You’ve attached your name to a black man for all of these years and that black man is none other than King James, LeBron James himself. You try to tear him down as much as you can all these years. So you’re right, you are the real media. You are exactly who I speak of when I say ‘this is the new media. We do this differently.’ You right, I’m happy you admitted it. But the new media is here to stay and we taking this thing over. You know why? Because people don’t wanna hear that old, dried up, tired stuff that you talking about. Nobody wanna hear that no more.”

In the aftermath of these comments, Skip Bayless decided to take to Twitter with some words for Green. Basically, Skip is very upset with what Green is saying here, and moving forward, he wants to debate the Warriors star.



“HEY, DRAYMOND GREEN … There you go again, taking shots at me from a safe distance. LET’S GO HEAD-TO HEAD, your podcast or mine or BOTH. Let’s go deep on LeBron or Steph or YOU. Or anything NFL since you’re the “New Media.” Real talk. Not fake-tough-guy stuff. I’M WAITING …” Skip wrote.

A debate between these two is unlikely, although you can’t help but admire how these two both ride for their respective generations of media. Green is looking to represent the new way of doing things all while Skip is trying to defend the old guard. Both will likely survive, but the dichotomy between these two philosophies remains interesting.