Brad Paisley and Post Malone: Is More Than Bromance Brewing?

Written by on August 2, 2022

Brad Paisley to Post Malone: “This is better than me.” Malone to Paisley: “Brad, there’s no shot, man.”

Is there a bromance brewing between Brad Paisley and Post Malone – or something more?

Malone and Paisley set the social media world a twitter over the last few days when Malone shared a clip of him singing Paisley’s 2002 single “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)” during Matthew McConaughey’s fundraising event called We’re Texas last year.

When Malone shared the performance video on his TikTok account last week, the clip racked up more than 15 million views. Paisley noticed, commenting, “This is better than me.” 

The love doesn’t end there – and Malone wasn’t about to take Paisley’ credit. He posted a video in response to Paisley’s comment.

“Brad, there’s no shot, man,” he said. “I love you so f–––’ much man, thank you for the love, dude. I owe you a beer, man. Text me, I’ll see you soon.”

He’ll see him soon? Given that Paisley has been open about working on new music, and Malone said earlier this year he was open to making a country album, could a collaboration be in the works?

Paisley even changed his bio on social media to read: “I write songs for Post Malone.”


Paisley posted Malone’s original cover of the song in 2021 and said: “Always humbling when another artist does your song better than you. @postmalone, well done.”

As for Malone’s country album comments, he made those to Howard Stern in June.



Malone said on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show in June that he has been toying with the idea of recording a country album – even though his fourth studio album “Twelve Carat Toothache” was just a couple of weeks old.

“To be honest, there’s nothing stopping me from taking a camera or setting up in my studio in Utah and just recording a country album [to put] on YouTube,” he told Stern. “I’m allowed to do that. I’m a human being.”

Malone said he’s currently dividing his time between touring, making music, and looking after his fiancée and newborn daughter. But if he ever gets the free time, Malone implied a country album is a distinct possibility.

“(I) split my time between a lot of different things because I am happily obligated to do concerts and show love to my fans … and then I’m happily obligated to write music and make beats by myself, and I’m happily obligated to, you know, take care of my family,” he said at. “So, it’s a lot of time, and it’s about finding that space to allot that time. If I get another year to myself, maybe I’ll make a f—ing country album.”

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