A Message From The City Of Gillette Regarding Possible Snow Emergency

From Red Flag Warning to potential snowstorm. Gotta love Wyoming.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we may be declaring a Level 1 Snow Emergency at some point tomorrow. We will keep an eye on the forecast from the National Weather Service and if there isn’t a significant decrease in the potential snow accumulation, we will go to a Level 1.

Remember, that means vehicles need to be removed from all Snow Emergency Routes 4 hours after a Level 1 Snow Emergency has been declared. Here are the designated Snow Emergency Routes:

1) 6th Street from Burma Avenue to Gillette Avenue.
2) 4th Street from 4-J Road to Gurley Avenue.
3) Gurley Avenue from 12th Street to 4th Street.
4) 4-J Road from 2nd Street to 8th Street.
5) Brooks – 2nd Street to Warlow.
6) 9th – Butler Spaeth to U. S. 59.
7) Foothills Blvd. – U.S. 14-16 to Echeta Road.
8) 7th Street – U.S. 59 to 4-J Road.

We’ll keep you posted.

Communications Manager Geno Palazzari

Post Author: Basinradio

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