Multi purpose Sheep for sale

Available are the best sheep breed, We have Ewes , Lambs and rams available for sale. We have the best selling breeds for wool/fleece, meat, and dairy production.We have breeds that vary from Awassi , Finn,Katahdin, Merino, Dorset sheep, Leicester Longwool Sheep, Lincoln sheep, Dorper sheep, Hampshire sheep, Suffolk sheep, American Black Bellied, Jacob sheep, […]

Margo Price Hopes “Letting Me Down” Will Lift Us Up

Although Margo Price had written and recorded her upcoming album prior to the pandemic, many of its messages are taking on deeper meanings in this era of isolation — and she’s sharing her hope that the music “will provide an escape of relief to someone who needs it.” Upon announcing the July 10 release of That’s […]

Awassi and gissar sheep (Fat Tail) and others for sale

Fat tail Awassi and gissar sheep now available for sale, we have Ewes , Rams and lambs for sale. We have breed ewes and lambs for sale and we also have commercial sheep for sale. All our sheep are registered. We also have Finn,Katahdin, Merino, Dorset sheep,Leicester Longwool Sheep, Lincoln sheep, Dorper sheep,Hampshire sheep, Suffolk […]